Boost moisture
Boost Moisture
Minimises appearance of pores
Minimises Pore Appearance
Nourish & Replenish
Prepares skin for following products
Prepares Skin for Products
Refresh and soothe
Refresh & Soothe

Hydrate Face Toner

Soothe, Revitalise, Balance

90ml | 3.04fl.oz.

SKIN TYPE: Normal to Combination

A good toner will help to calm and balance your skin while boosting hydration levels — and remove any excess cleansing residue.

Our HYDRATE FACE TONER is packed full of nature’s most efficient hydrators, vitamin-rich antioxidants and revitalising botanicals to bring calm and balance back to the skin. Easily spritzed over skin directly after cleansing or as a hydrating mist to top up moisture throughout the day, it calms and conditions, leaving skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

MUSQ TIP: Applying a toner after cleansing or exfoliating helps to not only refresh and revitalise but also enables your moisturiser and face oil that follows to penetrate more easily, locking in that much-needed hydration and antioxidant benefit.

Our farmceuticals™ skincare at MUSQ delivers hydrated skin with natural radiance, powered by a trio of naturally sourced heroes — hydrating Hemp Seed Oil, barrier-protecting purified Lanolin and skin-soothing Honey.

GTIN: 9349183000027

“Whenever my skin is looking dull, I take this with me to use throughout the day as a hydrating mist to refresh and revive my skin. I also like to lightly spritz it over my make up when I want an instant glow.” – Emma

Key Ingredients

We’ve created the perfect balance of amazingly efficient hydrators (Hemp Seed Oil + Hyaluronic Acid) skin-brightening botanicals (Kakadu Plum + Witch Hazel) and calming extracts (Rose + Lilly Pilly) to tone, soothe and balance your skin.

Directions for use

After cleansing, spritz liberally over skin and leave to settle for 30 seconds before applying NURTURE FACE MOISTURISER and NOURISH FACE OIL while skin is still damp to seal in hydration.
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Latest Reviews (9)

5 out of 5

9 reviews for Hydrate Face Toner

  1. Sosha

    Living in Central Queensland I literally have this thing next to my bed and spray during the night when I feel hot! Highly recommend storing this in the fridge for extra yes yes and yes!

  2. Ash

    This toner has an amazing rose scent. It feels fresh and luxurious on the skin. When I apply this toner I feel calm and relaxed.

  3. Lauren

    Excellent toner. Great scent. Great finish. Refreshing. Hydrating. I’ve used others that tend to dry out my skin. Other leave it oily. This is true nourishment. Regular re-purchase

  4. Lauren

    Excellent tomer. Great scent. Great finish. Refreshing. Hydrating. I’ve used others that tend to dry out my skin. Other leave it oily. This is true nourishment. Regular re-purchase

  5. Amy o

    Absolutely love this toner. Acts as a calming & hydrating mist, not at all like traditional toners. Gentle on the skin & feels amazing. Loving all the Musq products.

  6. P.Willy

    Feels lovely and fresh on the skin. I apply the oil while it’s still a little bit damp, and my skin drinks it right up!

  7. Betty

    The smell – the BEST!! My husband has now started using it and absolutely LOVES it!

  8. Mell

    This toner has completely changed my skin. I think it’s the Hyaluronic Acid, because of the slight tingle. My face looks more plump and hydrated. Wasn’t expecting this product to be so good. Highly recommend.

  9. Emma

    This face toner smells heavenly! I have used Musq products for years and absolutely love this product.

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