Our routine is simple, just like our range.

We like to keep our skincare products to a maximum of four products used daily, with the exception of products such as our exfoliant to be used as needed.

We also like to keep the skin as natural as possible; using as few makeup products as possible. We believe that too many products confuse the skin and can lead to skin problems, as well as adding unnecessary products to your beauty shelf.

Morning and Night Skincare Routine

Face the day with nourished and fresh skin while breathing life back into dull skin. Let active ingredients help fight skin radicals and the day’s stresses without compromising on quality.

Gently cleanse away debris morning and night in circular motions for one minute.
Lightly spritz the skin with our toner, morning and night.
Apply 2-3 drops of our serum to the skin or add to your moisturiser and mix together. You can vary this step depending on skin needs; either use the serum instead of moisturiser or leave it out of your morning routine and use only at night. Can also be used every other day. Apply serum while skin is still damp from the toner.
Apply moisturiser while skin is still damp.

Daytime Makeup Routine

A natural extension of our refined approach to skincare, the MUSQ colour cosmetics range provides a weightless second skin without adding unnecessary chemicals to the face.
Sun protection is a must before leaving the house for the day.
Apply your liquid/crème foundation and leave for a minute or two before applying any powder to the face.
Lightly dust loose powder foundation on top of your liquid foundation. Skip this step if you prefer a dewy finish.
Apply your bronzer, followed by your blush, for a healthy glow.
Apply any other products you like to use such as eyeliner, brow pencil, eyeshadow and mascara.
Finish with lipstick.