Farmceuticals™: Skincare inspired by farm life.

About our Farm

We believe that beauty begins in nature. Our family farm sits in the Southern Riverina region of New South Wales, an area known for its rich, fertile soil and abundance of water. Here we nurture our Hemp crop and our flock of sheep with sustainable, cruelty-free farming methods that respect and regenerate the land. Farm life here and our connection to nature have inspired us in so many ways.

The hard graft of farming and the constant exposure to the elements was definitely taking a toll on our skin, leaving it looking and feeling dry and dull —until we realised that there was a solution sitting out there in the fields

Farm Powered Ingredients

Hemp Seed Oil and Lanolin have long been proven to boast significant skin benefits, especially when it comes to hydration and barrier protection. Inspired by the Hemp and wool that we work with every day, we joined forces with a formulator to create a salve soothing enough to help heal, protect and nurture our dry skin and chapped lips.
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First came Farm Balm SPF15, followed by a small, supporting range of products to improve skin hydration and revive natural radiance. At the heart of MUSQ Farmceuticals™ is our hero ingredient Hemp Seed Oil and our commitment to creating skincare that’s clean, simple and kind.

While we continue to grow and nurture our Hemp crop to produce the Hemp Seed Oil that’s the signature ingredient in every MUSQ skincare product, we’re also working on plans to produce our own Lanolin supply from the wool of our non-mulsed sheep and Honey from our own apiaries. In the meantime, what we can’t grow or produce on our farm — or in the volume we need — we source from ethical growers who share our sustainability values.