At MUSQ, we believe in living and working mindfully. We carefully consider the impact we have on the environment at every stage of production; from the ingredients, we choose through to the way we package and deliver our products to you.

Clean Ingredients

While our primary focus is to ensure our products are safe, effective, and beneficial to the skin, we’re also mindful of how they eventually impact our waterways. Which is why we prioritise the use of non-GMO, natural plant-based ingredients in simple, clean formulations with limited, if any synthetics.
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Kind to Animals

We are passionately against any form of animal testing which we believe to be cruel and entirely unnecessary. Each and every ingredient we use in our MUSQ formulations have all been proven to be skin safe and we test all of our products on willing and discerning humans.

For all of these reasons and more, we don’t – and won’t – sell our products to countries where government regulations insist on mandatory animal testing.

Our Packaging Promise

Less Plastic

We use as little plastic as possible and are constantly searching for workable alternatives that won’t compromise quality, efficacy, or the way you experience our products.

Lower Waste Packaging

In line with our focus on lower-waste packaging, we’ve reduced the amount of packaging on all of our products and have kept any supporting packaging we use in the delivery of those products to a minimum.

Easily Recyclable Materials

We now use predominantly glass and cardboard to package our products. Our outer boxes are also fully biodegradable.