Life can be complicated enough without confusing, multi-layered skincare routines. MUSQ Farmceuticals™ skincare is for those who are looking for more from less.

About Us

Our MUSQ four-step routine chases the skin goals of happily hydrated, naturally glowing skin with clean, cruelty-free formulations powered by nature and inspired by life on our Hemp and sheep farm. Proven skin hydrator Hemp Seed Oil is the hero in all of our products, while a support crew of purified Lanolin (from non-mulsed sheep), Honey and native botanicals work to hydrate, refine and improve your skin without overloading or irritating its natural balance.

A letter from our Director

Over the years, I’ve experimented with countless cult skincare brands and tried different beauty rituals and exotic ingredients from all over the world. Until inspiration struck, much closer to home. And by home, I mean our family farm in the Southern Riverina region of New South Wales. Here, we grow Hemp and produce wool: two raw materials with proven skincare benefits. Hemp Seed Oil is a wonderful hydrator and Lanolin (extracted from wool) is known for its excellent barrier protection and nourishing benefits.

I soon realised that I had the makings of a simple but effective moisturiser quite literally at my fingertips, and MUSQ Farmceuticals™ skincare was born, inspired by life on our farm. At MUSQ, we believe in getting more from using less. And we do that with a small range of sustainably sourced skincare products that are clean, simple and kind – to your skin and our environment. For more of our story, you can read about our farm, learn about our ingredients and, of course, experience our products.

I hope you enjoy MUSQ and the happily hydrated, natural glow it gives your skin.

Warmest, Emma x

"At MUSQ, we believe in living and working mindfully.
We carefully consider the impact we have on the environment at every stage of production; from the ingredients we choose, through to the way we package and deliver our products to you."