A big thank you to all those customers who have enjoyed our Musq products. Below are a few wonderful testimonials from some of our favourite customers.

Rebecca Judd Musq Cosmetics

"I find it (exfoliant) leaves my skin super buffed and soft. Every single one of my girlfriends who I’ve recommended this product to try, has gone on to buy it, then raved about it.

It is seriously that good. Trust me, you need this product in your life!"

Rebecca Judd Loves


"I’m a big fan of the Body Lotion, as I travel a lot – my skin gets very dry and drinks this stuff in! It comes with me everywhere I go!"

Co-Founder - Triangl

Tre Dallas Musq Cosmetics

"There’s a couple of products which are a stand out for me in the MUSQ range but my no.1 pick that I’m in love with is the Crème Foundation. This product is light weight; like a veil to the skin, whilst buildable for an amazing coverage.

It just makes skin look flawless. It’s the perfect foundation for the spring/summer racing season."

Celebrity Make-up Artist

Philippa Northeast Musq Cosmetics

“MUSQ cosmetics are the real deal. I am always so pleased with the way the products look and am greatly satisfied knowing that I am not applying nasty chemicals to my skin!

My favourite is the mineral foundation – a light coverage that leaves me feeling camera ready and fresh."

Actress - Home and Away

Erin Bateman Musq Cosmetics

"The best part about this brand is it doesn’t cost a fortune for good quality products! The foundation I found really buttery and soft and gave me full coverage (which is exactly what I look for in a foundation!). The scrub (exfoliant) was an incredible NATURAL exfoliator and didn’t have any trace of chemical smell or feel about it, perfect for me as I have the worlds most sensitive skin!

MUSQ is great for every day skin care and beauty at really reasonable budget friendly prices! Love!"

TV Personality & Blogger

Rozalia Russian Musq Cosmetics

"As soon as I tried it (exfoliant) I saw instant results. My skin was super soft and glowing. I now use it every week and it has really helped to keep my skin soft, clear and radiant.

Couldn’t recommend this product highly enough."

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Claire Aristides Musq Cosmetics

“MUSQ has captured and bottled the most beautiful scented ingredients that actually work and you feel better for it! I can’t shower without the MUSQ Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin wash – it makes me feel like I’m at a day spa.

I am excited to try all their products."

Aristides Fine Jewels

Brooke Lockett Musq Cosmetics

“My favourite and must try MUSQ product is without doubt the Crème Foundation. It is so weightless and feels like you are wearing nothing yet gives you amazing coverage which suits me perfectly when running from the studio (all sweaty) to appointments or events.

Since using MUSQ I have had so many compliments from friends saying how “flawless” my skin looks. And best of all it lasts, looks and feels effortless and natural."

Coryphée; The Australian Ballet


"I adore everything about this brand – from the natural ingredients, how it makes my skin feel and look, the fact its Australian to the packaging and their vibe.

Yep, there is a lot of love there!!"

Fitness In The City

Claire Aristides Musq Cosmetics

“I have been using MUSQ’s products for the last 6 months and I am absolutely in love with the range. The MUSQ foundation is one of my favourite products. I am such a health nut and knowing that I’m applying natural products to my skin really brings me piece of mind… And it shows too!

My skin is smooth and healthier than ever. Definitely recommend this brand to women of all ages!"

Fitness Model

Brooke Lockett Musq Cosmetics

“I am a big body exfoliator! I’d been using the same brand for 10 years before trying MUSQ Face & Body Exfoliant. Why did I wait so long?! This product is heaven.

Smells incredible, cruelty and nasty free and leaves my skin sparkling. This product is a genuine treat for my skin."

Founder - She Shopped


"Being a model, I have makeup constantly put on my face. So when I choose what products I use it’s so nice to turn to MUSQ Cosmetics where I know it’s natural.

I absolutely love the moisturising mineral lipstick and you can’t go past the mineral and rice exfoliant. Especially after a long days work with heavy makeup on!"

Sarah Stawell

Claire Aristides Musq Cosmetics

“I love the MUSQ face scrub (exfoliant) – my skin feels so smooth after using it and I can notice the difference straight away."

Founder - The Light Haus


"I LOVE all of MUSQ products but one that stands out for me is the Face & Body Exfoliant. I have particularly sensitive skin and prone to dryness due to air-conditioning so I am mindful of which product to use. This product is the ONLY product that I will use on my face. It is gentle non abrasive with no harsh chemicals AND it’s cruelty free! The improvement on my skin is simply astounding and it smells delicious.

Those that have not tried this product – what are you waiting for! Do yourself and your skin a favour and get this product now! You will NOT regret it. My skin is glowing!"

Silent Earth

Brooke Lockett Musq Cosmetics

“All of the MUSQ products I tried were lovely (and who can go past that amazing, monochrome packaging), but if I had to choose a favourite it would be the Rose, Rice and Clay Exfoliant. The scent is just heavenly and the consistency of the exfoliator is perfect – not to sharp as some can be.

I have quite sensitive skin, and have to be quite cautious when trying new products but MUSQ was lovely and gentle on my skin, I would highly recommend it."

Founder - By Barber

Sarah H
Customer, New South Wales

So after taking the time to test your AMAZING samples, which by the way, was a very generous pack with a tiny bit of everything!!! I have found almost everything incredible on my face!  No irritations, nothing drying out my skin, everything leaving my skin feeling fresh with no chemicals.

So just thought I would send an email to let you know I am very grateful to the company for letting me test these beautiful products! And have just placed an order for my favourite two so far!  The Toner and the Serum (which is absolutely incredible). Will be buying many more in the future! Thanks 

Customer, New South Wales

As a sufferer from Rosacea, I have been on the search for a suitable skin care product, and suitable ethical make up which didn’t irritate my overly sensitive skin. I had tried for years, other products on the market, spending a fortune on products that claimed to be organic/natural, but still found irritation, or found the product advertising to be deceiving, noticing that a lot of their core ingredients were in fact synthetic, and had high risks of causing skin complications.

Also learning along the way that just because a company states it is a natural product, doesn’t mean it is necessarily suitable or the best option for skin care, a lot of the time they were strongly perfumed.  Until I found MUSQ.

It is the ultimate skin care range and make up range. I can confidently say it is the best range I have ever used. The face cleanser is soothing, gentle, and leaves the skin purified, and clean. I had no breakouts during the process of changing cleansers. It has a light fragrance, but not over powering. The gel moisturiser is amazing, no caked on feeling, absorbs quickly despite its appearance.

The exfoliant has stopped me from having to use sticky pore strips which rip at your skins top layer. I only need to use it once a week – if that – as the skin care range leaves not heavy residue what so ever.  The serum was my saviour through winter when i first purchased it – i was red, flaky and dry.

After a week of use it was no longer red, and flaky and blemishes were gone! The liquid foundation doesn’t leave the skin oily and covers my skin evenly, topped with the  mineral make up gives my face a perfect air brushed natural glowing finish. The zinc in the make up has helped relieve my rosacea and my skin is left feeling amazing after wearing my make up all day. So its basically a 2 in 1 product – good for your skin and makes me look great.  

I could go on forever with the pros of this range, but highly recommend people try it for themselves. I made my first purchase in July of 2014 and have only recently had to make a purchase again for a top up of products. I would have spent 3 times the amount in that time period with any other product.

Complete value for money. Could not be happier, and have never been so passionate about a skin care range. I LOVE MUSQ!

Marie A

Hi MUSQ cosmetics, I just wanted to say that I’ve recently tried your powder foundation and I’m impressed with it. I used to use the Creme foundation nearly every day and never was interested in powder foundations. But I bought the powder foundation to use on top of the creme foundation as a makeup setter, and noticed it sets my makeup without making it look cakey, in fact it stays looking hydrated. And, I tried using it on its own and it gives great coverage, has a nice shimmer, and I can gradually blend it on my skin easier than with the creme foundation, seeing its a light powder.

I don’t know which foundation I like more! They’re both amazing. Thank you for making amazing cosmetics.

Adelle Cousins
Founder - Where The Styled Things Are

The MUSQ lipstick is so creamy, the colour lasts for ages as well as moisturises the lips! But the best thing about them, they are organic and bunny friendly. They’re an all round great product and I’ll be back for more.

Rita Agostinelli

I have been using MUSQ products for 3 months and my skin feels and looks amazing. Since I have used the mineral foundation my skin has cleared of eczema around the bridge of my nose and I receive daily comments that my skin is glowing. I have always used natural products and tried many products on the market.

MUSQ makeup is one of the best I have ever used and I will never purchase any other brand again. Thank you to the team at MUSQ for the advice and help, you and your product is amazing.

Michaela C

I wanted to thank you so much for such a big improvement in my skin since using your make-up and following your skincare advice

Lisa N

I received my order this morning and wanted to thank you for providing a wonderful product that takes into consideration those suffering with Rosacea. I have been using the samples you sent while waiting for my order and I no longer have the itching and burning that I had after using other mineral makeup.

You have a great range of colours as well….Thanks for a great product.

Customer, Victoria

The cleanser and exfoliant are the perfect combination. They work well together to provide you with a soft, fresh and clean face and to help you look radiant. I would definitely recommend these two products to my friends or anyone who is looking for a change in skin care products / routine.


Hello! I just want to say thank you so much for this delivery. Your customer service is beyond amazing and I really appreciate how thoughtful and sincere you are to deal with. It makes a huge difference when shopping in store and online but is often lacking with a lot of stores.

Your products are fantastic just like your staff and I will continue to use this fabulous range of skincare. Thank you again.


I just want to compliment the staff members that I’ve emailed and spoke to and emailed with regards to my make up purchase, so lovely and helpful and emailed me back asap and not enough people get thanked for great service these days so I wanted to that you at MUSQ 

Australian Style Institute

We gave our stylists the Exfoliant at one of our recent events and we could not have had better feedback. Results varied from ‘glowing’ to ‘invigorating’ and we’ve never seen our student's skin looking so refreshed. Investing in skincare that is natural and derived from the environment couldn’t be more important to us at ASI.

We can’t go past Musq because they are so affordable and they’re products truly do nurture your skin.


I've been using the Antioxidant face Moisturiser and I absolutely love it. My face is noticeably smoother and the skin looks healthier. I have super sensitive skin and all the MUSQ products I have used are beautiful and calming. Thanks MUSQ.

Michelle T
Milani Joy

MUSQ Cosmetics have a beautiful, extensive range with products that are of high quality and easy to use. I am super fussy with what I fill my kit and classroom with, MUSQ has passed the test and I will pass on a recommendation of their products to many.

If I had to choose a favourite product, it would be the creme compact foundation. It is very versatile - I can use it as a more sheer coverage for editorial, or I can build it to get a full coverage for my brides. Most importantly, it doesn’t look or feel heavy!