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Rebecca Judd Loves Musq Cosmetics

"I was really surprised by the coverage and how smooth and evenly it went on. The ultimate test came when it settled on my skin. It was absorbed with ease and dried with a beautiful texture- not sticky, not dry, just right!"

Gritty Pretty Musq Cosmetics

"Our top choice, though, is the Face & Body Exfoliant. A revitalising and gentle physical exfoliant, it’s enriched with rose, rice and clay to leave your complexion feeling smooth and supple with a radiant glow."

The Australian Musq Cosmetics

"If you’re looking for beauty and skincare that doesn’t hurt the planet or those on it, Musq is Australian made, cruelty free and, if needed, vegan."

The Daily Edited Musq Cosmetics

"Selecting the right beauty products for you can be tricky! It seems that every day there's something new! Finding a natural yet effective make-up and skincare brand can be challenging, which is why we fell in love with Musq Cosmetics."

The Weekend Edition Musq Cosmetics

"MUSQ is unwavering in its commitment to creating luxurious, clean, natural and ethical cosmetics and skincare."

Hitched Musq Cosmetics

"This time the focus is on Musq and their range of wonderful products which can help you be at your most beautiful on your wedding day!"

Glam Adelaide Musq Cosmetics

"We fell in love with MUSQ as soon as we laid eyes on their amazing packaging. Quality, natural, ethical and pure, their make up and skincare is to die for."

Substance Musq Cosmetics

"Cleanse, then moisturise your face. Today I used the Musq moisturiser Gel because it’s so hot and this is really lightweight. It’s great under makeup and to absorb extra shine, so perfect on days like today!!"

Erin Bateman Musq Cosmetics

"Another firm favourite of ours is this luxury hand soap at a great price from MUSQ. The refreshing blend of Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin is enriched with eucalyptus, tea tree and rosewood to leave skin feeling cleansed and revitalised. We also love that their products are cruelty-free and vegan, and are made using natural ingredients so it’s gentler on the environment."

Wedded Wonderland Musq Cosmetics

"Rosacea is the redness of skin that comes from enlarged capillaries, leaving you looking like you’re permanently blushing and for a quick fix, Musq’s Emma Reid recommends bypassing your skin-coloured concealer in place of a green corrector."

Body & Soul Musq Cosmetics

"Musq: The brand for colour, it also has some good complexion products."

The Urban List Musq Cosmetics

"You know the magical jojoba oil I just raved about? Yep, it’s one of the MVP’s in the hand and body lotion by MUSQ, which may be why it’s such a fab moisturiser."

From Luxe With Love Musq Cosmetics

"Flying can be so dehydrating and definitely doesn’t leave your skin feeling its best. Keep a face mist in your handbag whenever you fly to add some much needed hydration to your skin. Your skin will thank you for it later."

The Adelaidian Musq Cosmetics

"SA-born label Musq is a luxe cosmetics brand that caters to all your natural beauty needs, promoting a vegan, gluten-free, PETA and Choose Cruelty Free accredited range of products."

Spa and Clinic Musq Cosmetics

"You know the magical jojoba oil I just raved about? Yep, it’s one of the MVP’s in the hand and body lotion by MUSQ, which may be why it’s such a fab moisturiser."

Spa & Clinic Musq Cosmetics

"We collaborate with leading pharmacists and cosmetic formulators to find the highest quality and sustainably sourced ingredients, to create products that deliver real results."

Nature & Health Musq Cosmetics

"Musq Revitalise Serum is a delectable blend of sea buckthorn berry and pomegranate to promote healing and repair."

Brisbane Threads Musq Cosmetics

"Some other fav facial treatments and serums that I’ve stumbled across include... the MUSQ sea buckthorn and pomegranate revitalise serum."

Wine Stains Musq Cosmetics

"A local brand I’ve fallen in love with, is based in Adelaide and is doing wonders in the world of skin care and cosmetics – take a look at Musq... They never test on animals and their products are accredited by PETA, Choose Cruelty Free, and Truth in Labeling."

Daily Mail Musq Cosmetics

"Australian-based Musq Cosmetics offer a range of chemical-free make up and skincare products under a 'guiding philosophy' of being 'clean, kind and simple.' All of their products have been accredited by PETA, Choose Cruelty Free and Truth in Labeling and each of them are also vegan and gluten-free. "

Danielle Vella Musq Cosmetics

"Last month I received the most beautiful range of products to try from MUSQ Cosmetics. Lets just say I have fallen head over heels in love with the range and I am sure you will too!"

Erin Bateman Musq Cosmetics

"This particular product didn’t let me red or irritated, it was a gentle scrub and of course, rose scent – winner! I probably wouldn’t waste it on my whole body and instead save it for my face only. Just because I feel the rest of my body is a little more tough and can handle the violence of a glove exfoliator."

Byrdie Musq Cosmetics

"Musq cosmetics offers everything from makeup to skincare and even candles. The chic monochrome packaging and the affordable price tags will have you mentally spending way more than you can afford."

Pop Sugar Musq Cosmetics

"Our picks: Musq Face & Body Exfoliant... Musq Antioxidant Toner... Musq Cleanser Gel."

Wedded Wonderland Musq Cosmetics

"Instead opt for a gentle, refreshing and hydrating toner like MUSQ’s Antioxidant Toner which is packed full of enriching ingredients like neroli flower water, green tea extra and grapefruit seed extract."

Fashion Journal

"Musq Revitalize serum is designed to soften and repair stressed and damaged skin with sea buckthorn berry and pomegranate."

Fashion Journal

"Finding a beauty brand that's kind to your body, animals and the planet is no easy task, but MUSQ is setting about to change that. The Australian label specialises in natural skincare and mineral makeup products, free from any nasty chemicals or toxic preservatives."

Made Off Fashion

"Musq Cosmetics is the urban Australian skincare brand of your dreams. Clean living isn’t just about what you put inside your body, but what you put on the outside too."

The Natural Urban Remedy

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