Looking to stock a range of professional quality mineral makeup & natural skincare?

Hidden chemicals, secret agents, miracles and skin toxins? No thanks! MUSQs range of skin care and beauty designs are Australian made for consumers seeking quality, natural solutions to their daily beauty regime. MUSQs products are formulated to help all skin types feel better, look better and be better. Made with natural ingredients like minerals and antioxidants in every bottle, MUSQ products give you piece of mind when it comes to taking care of and maintaining your skins’ radiance.

Looking natural is looking beautiful, allow your client to see their own beauty without polluting their pores with synthetic ingredients like bismuth oxychloride or parabens. Harmful products are eventually thrown away or returned after the damage is already done. You can be assured that MUSQs range will become the preferred solution of clients and customers.

Committed to MUSQs brand, we offer full product, colour selection, application & sales training, low set-up costs, stockist newsletters, brochures, social networking support, marketing incentives, frequent and diverse media coverage and most importantly, the best mineral make-up and natural skincare! Just read the testimonials!

Please refer to our about page for more information about our cruelty-free accreditations and environmental ethos.

Makeup Professional?

MUSQ is perfect for make up artists and skin care professionals wanting premium concentrated, long lasting, easy to use, pigment concentration and diversity from every product they buy. Unlike other mineral brands, MUSQ’s professional formulation is suitable for photographic work and ideal for bridal, when nothing less than perfection will do!

Save time and money having superior products that negate the need to apply primers and concealers – even over deeply pigmented areas and rosacea.

MUSQ Branding

MUSQ’s brand and packaging has been carefully crafted to catch the eye of your customer and entice them to engage with the product.

Our clean, classic, minimalist packaging is designed to be easily recognisable, whilst being able to sit in different environments and different product lines and be both complimentary and stand out.  Get familiar with the MUSQ aesthetic @musqcosmetics.

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