How to prolong the life of your favourite beauty products

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When it comes to skincare and beauty products, while many of us are careful with where we invest our money, we are less meticulous with how we store our purchases. If we’re really being honest here, once the flat lays are done and dusted and we have shown off our new purchases, storing beauty products becomes a matter of convenience.

Once placed neatly on our crisp white sheets to produce the most luscious of Instagram photos, our creams and elixirs will make their way onto our bathroom benches, into handbags, onto side tables and heck even into fruit bowls (guilty).

But where we store our skincare and beauty products matters. While it may be tempting to assume that anything goes, storing your products in the wrong place is like leaving food out of the fridge. It can be both dangerous to your health and more importantly will limit the benefit of your creams. Ask yourself, do you want a side of germs and mould with your eye-cream…we didn’t think so.

Powdered products are some of the most mistreated products in our beauty arsenal. They are often left open on bathroom benches for days on end, are left at the bottom of our bags or even worse, in direct sunlight in our cars. While leaving our favourite blushes, bronzers and powders open will invite in unwanted bacteria, leaving these products out in the sun will damage the pigment of your favourite colour palettes.

Don’t want that golden glow to turn into a bad looking spray tan… ensure you store your bronzers and powdered products properly. Ensure their case is always sealed and leave them out of direct sunlight. Do remember to clean your brushes on a regular basis so you are not spreading germs into your compacts and change your powder pad on a monthly basis.

Moisturisers commonly find their place on bathroom window seals, next to sinks and sometimes even in our handbags. While one would think the last place is the least suitable, we’re sorry to say – it just isn’t so. Humidity found in bathrooms often makes it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould to form our favourite pots of gold. Additionally, placing SPF moisturisers in direct sunlight will minimise the UVA benefits as the moisturisers will absorb rays whether in a bottle or on your skin.

So where should moisturisers be placed? Ideally, in a dark and cool place like on your vanity, or if kept in a bathroom, in a drawer that is humidity, mould and bacteria free. Additionally, do remember to close your moisturisers properly, ensuring they are airtight and always ensure your hands are clean when dipping into your moisturiser.

Perfumes require an added level of TLC. If your favourite Le Labo scent is no longer making them heads turn, it could have had its day. With hundreds of components and ingredients, perfumes last on average around 12 months. Once the packaging has been open, your favourite perfumes fate has been sealed.

You can, however, prolong the life of your perfume by ensuring you (you guessed it) store it out of direct sunlight and away from heat. In fact, that little myth of placing your perfumes in a fridge is not a myth but a fact. Storing your favourite scents next to your carrots and lettuce will slow down the breakdown process and ensure your signature scent lingers just a little while longer.

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