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Meet one of our favourite Real Housewives of Melbourne; Jackie Gillies. Born in Croatia and raised in Australia, Jackie grew up in Newcastle NSW and now lives in Melbourne with her husband; Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies. Jackie is one busy lady being a professional psychic, owner of cocktail range; La Máscara Beverage Co and also one of the cast members of RHOM. With her infectious energy, Jackie rises above nonsense around her and stays true to what she believes and feels. We catch up with Jackie to find out what makes this lovely lady ‘Shine, shine, shine’.

The beautiful Jackie Gillies

Q. You are a visualiser and provide psychic readings where you encourage people to explore what they seek in life. Can you explain the importance of this?

A. We are all connected to the universe and the universe is always responding to energy. The thoughts we think are energy we put out to the universe. When you think positive thoughts, you will start to see synchronised chain events of your desires becoming your reality.

Q. How do you unwind after a psychic reading? You must have a lot of energy you need to dispel?

A. Reiki music, meditation, an Epsom salt bath or chilling out watching my most recent Netflix series – in no particular order. Yes, I am extremely exhausted! I don’t see it, but my hubby (Ben) always says he can tell I’m drained after readings.

Q. You have a lot on your plate from being a wife to your cocktail range; La Máscara Beverage Co and television series RHOM to name a few. How do you balance all of this?

A. It’s a combination of a great support team (shout out to my hubby, the La Mascara team and my family) and a healthy balance off work, rest and play. It’s a balancing act, which can sometimes be challenging.

Q. You love fashion, especially shoes! What’s your go-to trend this summer?

A. Flat Roman sandals. I’ve had an awesome chill summer, so not very much heal wear, which my feet have been thankful for ?

Q. What does your beauty routine look like?

A. I have a hot water every morning with lemon, cayenne pepper and turmeric to flush out any toxins and help with any fluid retention. Then I body brush before a shower.

Best beauty advice you have ever received?

A. Laughter, water, sleep and keep alcohol to a minimum.

What is your skincare philosophy?

A. Keep it simple. ALWAYS use sun cream. Clean and moisturise every day!

” Devour this dynamic life with style and a smile and live it to the shiny brim. ” – Jackie Gillies

Get to know a gal by her beauty bag…

Your handbag is never without: Phone, wallet, pawpaw, lip gloss, eyebrow pencil, mirror, floss.

Makeup bag essentials: See above ?

Go to MUSQ product and why? Loving the hand wash and hand cream. They keep my skin silky and supple! The supermarket brands dry out my skin. yuck.

Signature scent: Chanel Allure

Makeup philosophy:  Enhance your features. Try illuminating tinted moisturiser or a little blush on your cheekbones.

Jackie with fellow housewife Chyka Keebaugh

La Máscara classic lemon ice tea, with just the right amount of vodka

Cocktail range La Máscara

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