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We may have just found your newest beauty therapist. And surprise, it’s a horse! 

The MUSQ team have recently been exploring the power of Nature in a new and surprising way! Horse guided, personal growth experiences, designed to refine and balance your inner beauty so that you truly shine more radiantly, from the inside out.
Featured recently in Top Ten world experiences for Equine Therapy, we sat down with Willow Winter to discuss more about what makes this unique collaboration between human and horse so beautiful, powerful and deeply transformative.
Why horses?
Horses and humans have a relationship that dates back many thousands of years, and like us, they have soft, animal bodies and keen instincts for safety and survival. They live in socially intelligent communities and highly value co-operation and connection, inviting us to join with them in this naturally harmonious state of being. Horses also have many scientifically proven and positive physiological attributes which help to engender and engage with us on a very deep and natural level. Horses are kind, non judgemental and simple in the way they offer us feedback about how we are showing up in our lives and relationships. Based on the principle that the way we do something is the way we do everything, horses, in their unique and unconditional way, can guide us back into a deeper sense of who we truly are, helping us recognise the beauty that always exists within us.

” True beauty is undeniable and unmistakable, and it comes from within. Something MUSQ understands and respects. And to compliment this deep abiding relationship to nature and the Natural world they offer simple, clean and kind ways to nurture, play and experiment with the outer human beauty we all also posses ” – Willow Winter

What led you to this work?
I have always had a deep sense of love and connection with horses, and they have featured strongly in all my personal and professional pursuits throughout my life. However, after a series of particularl
y devastating losses and challenges in 2005, and years later when nothing I was doing was working to relieve my inner turmoil, I was introduced to the concept that horses could help me in more than the traditional ways I had been taught to relate to them. So I flew to the USA to participate in a transformational therapeutic experience with horses and learnt more about myself and how I could cultivate an inner source of beauty, freedom and connection in four days than I had in 6 years of therapy! I was equal parts amazed and inspired, and knew instantly I wanted to share this beautiful gift with others, so I trained in Equine Assisted Coaching and now offer these extraordinary equine experiences all over Australia and the USA.
What does this horse work have to offer the beauty industry?
We all know that true beauty comes from within, and from Nature. We all know that true beauty is clean and kind and empowering. Yet sometimes we still all struggle to love and see ourselves honestly and deeply and knowingly in a beautiful way. Horses will always meet us in this place of harmonious being, completely accepting of everything just as it is and yet offering a light shining brightly toward all that is infinitely possible and beautiful and also true about us in each, all and every moment. Within this incredible space we are uniquely embraced as the beautiful being and Supermodel that is the actual truth of who we all are. And from this inner space of radiance and health, we shine more brightly, allowing our true inner and natural beauty to be shared with the world. And encouraging others to do the same.
To contact Willow Winter to find out more about Equine Therapy and if its right for you click here.

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