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That Sugar Film has recently been released in Australia and the Musq team had the pleasure of viewing it – really is a must see!

The film follows Damon Gameau, who sets out on a challenge to eat supposedly “healthy foods” that contain hidden, high sugar levels – That of the average Australian which equals 40 teaspoons a day.

Just like in the world of cosmetics the food industry tries to convince us into thinking that we are living a healthy way of life when ultimately we are living the complete opposite and damaging our bodies and effecting our daily lives. A lot of the time we tend to think that living an organic, and healthy lifestyle can be much more expensive however as we see in this film over a 60 day period Damon actually spent the exact same amount at the supermarket as he did when living a more clean-eating lifestyle. This film really does visually help one understand the impact of fads that are consistently pushed in front of our faces and stop us from living wholesome, real lives.

Ultimately we need to start listening to our bodies; if it doesn’t like processing something it will often let us know straight away i.e. with a bloated tummy or a quick trip to the bathroom. Eat what you need when you need and in whole form. Avoid refined and processed food wherever you can and always read the labels carefully. If you don’t know what something is research it before purchasing so you are more in control with your decisions – Knowledge is power!

Keep it fresh, simple & real!

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