Going back to basics

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In this modern age we are constantly exposed to man-made chemicals. One common chemical manufactured is bisphenol A also known as BPA that disrupts oestrogen metabolism in the body, found in many drink bottles. Many other environmental toxins are part of most of our daily lives and can cause health problems – cancer, autism, heart problems, obesity and mental disorders. It can also result in asthma, and skin conditions such as psoriases.

It is time we start making conscious decisions in our own lives to begin the change in minimising the impact of these chemicals. We need to go back to the simple pleasures in life that are simple, easy and quite satisfying. For instant starting your own vegi patch whether big or small can be therapeutic not to mention provide food full of flavors with out the added chemicals. Always buy organic product where you can. Also clean your bathroom and kitchen cupboards. It is amazing the amount of natural products now available to the market that actually work better most of the time than big name cosmetic products and standard cleaning products full of nasties. We like to use white vinegar to wipe away grease, mildew, odors, stains and build up on our benches around the house and office. For washing our clothes we add baking soda to soften water and clean clothes. To stop the static to your clothes after placing them in the drier all you need to do is simply dampen your hands before taking out your clothes and shake them out when removing them. Or you can just turn to the good old-fashioned clothes drier. To clean your toilet just mix some vinegar and baking soda together and use as you want and normal toilet cleaner. This list of options is endless and can often be found in your cupboard.

By making simple changes you can start to rid chemicals like sulfates, fragrances, phenols and more. If we all start with small changes at home become environmentally reasonable, together we can make a large and positive impact to the world we live in and leave behind for the next generation.

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