The Solution to Environmental Skin Damage

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Due to increasing environmental pollution every day our skin is exposed to a wide range of very unpalatable elements that affect it in undesirable ways. These free and omnipresent elements from the environment attack and weaken the skin at the cellular level leaving new skin cells to deteriorate and in turn affect the skins ability to fight off free radicals.

External skin care offers a potent option to preserve the skin from many forms of environmental irritation. By consuming and using products such as topical skincare products rich in antioxidants will help prevent any skin problems associated with free radical damage. Antioxidants are compounds that suitably protect one from skin cell damage and premature ageing by neutralising the oxidants that cause them. These oxidants are abundant in the environment as a result of air pollution so by using skincare with antioxidant compounds, you can save your skin from a world of unpleasant damage.

We will explore four everyday hazards our skins exposed to and how you can find solutions to combat their effects and to ensure your skin stays protected and nourished at all times.


Sunlight is a major role-player when it comes to our environmental structures which in turn affects our skins. Sunlight represents the major cause of premature skin ageing, skin wrinkles, uneven skin tone and permanent skin damage.


To ensure or skins stay free of the skin problems caused by sunlight, it is advisable to minimise the time spent outside in the sun and if there is any need to be out in the sun, usage of sunscreens with a minimum SPF15 rating daily and hats are highly recommended.

[ TIP ] We recommend the wotnot 30 SPF Natural Sunscreen



While we can get very intoxicated in the comfort that comes with air-conditioning systems, it is important to note that they wreak havoc on our skins due to the extreme heat and cold air associated with their use. Cold air causes the skin to dry out and skin breakouts due to the dry air and lack of sufficient humidity. Dry air makes the skin rough, appear cracked and even have a distinctively red colour.


We recommend proper hydration of the skin every morning and night using the Antioxidant Face Moisturiser to make sure that the skin stays hydrated all the time. For an extremely dry skin, face serum is the perfect solution. Add a drop to your moisturiser for an extra dose of hydration.

Also, having a facial mist/toner such as our Antioxidant Toner comes well handy to spritz on your face throughout the day to stop the skin from drying out.

It is essential to avoid skin products that make your skin drier than it already is such as harsh soaps and heavy fragrant products. Drinking sufficient amount of water helps keep the body and skin hydrated from within.


If you are living in a highly industrialised area like the city, air pollution is an unavoidable enemy. Exhausts from cars, garbage, chemicals in the products we use as well as chemical effluents from factories, smoke produced from chemical plants and many more are an endless list of sources of environmental pollution. Pollution affects our skins negatively as much as they affect lands, water and air. The small and barely visible particles floating from these sources build up in the environment and eventually penetrate the skin’s surface leading to blemishes, an increase in the skin ageing process as well as uneven skin tones such as dark spots.


Ensure to take adequate measures of cleaning your face with a cleanser such as our Gel Cleanser every night before going to bed.

Skin care products with a high percentage of antioxidant compounds help augment the skin’s appearance



Most of us spend an average of 10 hours a day in front of the screen, be it computer, Tv or phone screen. Exposure to the lights emitted from the screen is harmful to the skin. The blue violet light emitted by smartphones and computer screens are now thought to raise cortisol levels and potentially cause pigmentation and speed up the ageing process of our skin. This is called “screen face”.


It is advisable to wear an SPF sunscreen every time there is any need to focus on the light from screens. This will help shield the skin from the effects of this ‘blue light’. However, until more research is done the jury is still out on this one but it does give us something to think about.

[ TIP ] At MUSQ we have recently purchased glasses from Baxter Blue to help us stop “squinting” when staring at our screens and hopefully avoids the dreaded frown marks. They also protect our eyes from the blue-violet light and help rid the digital eye strain.


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