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We first met Liz from One Seed a few years ago after finding each other through a mutual stockist. We instantly found a connection with Liz and her determination to bring the importance of natural fragrances to the forefront of the fragrance industry.

Liz started One Seed in 2009 using wholly natural ingredients with at least 80% organic content. The fragrances are also vegan and cruelty free. Liz and the One Seed brand is passionate about creating completely natural products without compromising on beauty or quality, while still making them accessible. Every product is designed, formulated and crafted in their South Australian studio.

One Seed isn’t just another perfume company, they want to be a seed for change. We sit down with Liz and find out more about the brand.

Q. What led you to start One Seed?

A. I was running a retail business specialising in natural skincare and custom-blended products (from 2001-2007) and we started to see more customers come in to ask about natural perfumes. They had made the switch to natural everything else, butt hey didn’t have a synthetic-free alternative for perfume. That’s when I started to do some research into natural perfume and discovered there was nothing in Australia, and worldwide there were only 2 or 3 brands. So I saw a glaring whole in the market which I decided to explore. 18 months after selling that first business, ONE SEED was born. (It sounds simple, but it was thousands of hours of research, experimentation, education and exploration until we reached that point!)

Q. Describe your brand to us in three words.

A. Smell amazing. Be well. Do good. (3 phases – sorry!)

Q. Your products are natural and organic. What is the importance of this when purchasing a fragrance?

A. So important if you want to have the best health and vibrancy you can. Fragrance is not something we consider much as we almost see it as a invisible – like a veil. Its quite different to our perception of skincare and cosmetics, as we take time to apply the,, we hold them, touch them, feel them, whereas scent we spray and feel a cloud descent on us and we don’t consider it any more than that. If it smells good, it must be fine. But in actual fact the fragrance world is full of secrecy and non-disclosure, and there is so much harm to our health going on behind the scenes. From hormone disrupting chemicals (xenoestrogens), through to synthetic dyes that are linked to certain cancers, as well as the more common symptoms of migraines, nausea, brain fog, irritability….there are so many potential side effects of synthetic fragrance. (We have lots of information about this on our blog. Did you know that commercial fragrances are 99-100% synthetic?! Isn’t that astounding! Even the big names that you pay a lot of money for. But the marketing of perfumes is very manipulative and most people would assume that a bottle of scent that smells like roses, milk from a dandelion and iris from Nepal would actually include those ingredients. Nope, they don’t. Those are marketing terms.

Q. Where do you source inspiration when designing a new fragrance and how do you come up with a new fragrance?

A. Many places. Mostly I’m inspired by human experience and emotion. By our place in the world and how we navigate being human. I also find inspiration in food, travel to new places and just from smelling new ingredients. But mostly I’m inspired by simple things, like walks in the rain, warm overcast days, thunderstorms, bonfires.

Q. All time favorite scent?

A. I don’t have one, and don’t wear scent often. But right now the extract I’m most mesmerised by is mimosa (a type of wattle).

Q. Layering fragrance. What is this about and why might one try it?

A. Layering fragrance is a beautiful concept that gives another dimension to your perfume. You simply choose 2 scents in your fragrance collection and spray (or roll) one on top of the other. The trick is to find 2 scents that work together. You can test them out by spraying them on a piece of fabric (like an old tea towel) first and see what the combination brings. The trick is to use only one complex scent in the pair – the other should be simple and not overpowering. Layering gives a new lease of life to fragrances you might be bored with, and also can bring different nuances to fragrances you still love. You can also layer 2 of the same scent but in different forms (eg a perfume oil and a spray) for extra longevity and greater dimension of scent.

Q. The fragrance world is big business. How do you get your brand out there and known amounts the hundreds of brands?

A. Yes, the fragrance world is enormous and there are literally thousands of competitors. We have been in it for 9 years now, and we have only started to gain recognition in the past 18 months or so. Its not an industry to enter into thinking you’re going to be the next big thing. There is a lot of money thrown around. For the small guys like us its about finding your voice and being true to that in every aspect of your business. Our customers find us via social media, through friends, or through bloggers and press that love us. We don’t have big marketing budgets, nor will we every do. For us, its about building a brand with transparency and integrity that people love and find a connection to, not launching products that will be popular for 5 minutes until the next big thing comes along.

Q. Tips for gals and guys wanting to start their own business

A. Research long and hard. Find out who is in the market, and whether there is a market for the product or service you want to launch. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon of whatever is popular – there is no longevity there. Find something you are truly passionate about and can back for the long-haul. There are going to plenty of tough days/months/years; if you aren’t doing what you really believe in you wont be able to stick it out.

Q. What’s next for One Seed?

A. We are launching two new men’s colognes this year, and toward the end of 2018 we will be launching season limited editions. Very excited- more chance to play for me! In 2019 we will be entering major global markets so that’s really thrilling.

Quick Questions:

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Makeup bag essentials:  W3ll People Mascara and Inika concealer

Go to MUSQ product: Creme Foundation – the texture is incredible and light with a great coverage that just makes my skin look amazing!

Signature scent: Rainy summer days (not a scent – an actual rainy day in summer)

Makeup philosophy: Enhance don’t conceal. You were born with those freckles, that nose, those lips because your creator thought they were perfect. Who cares what anyone else’s opinion is.

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