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As the warmer weather is well and truly here(Yay!), it’s a great reminder to keep your everyday beauty products cool and out of direct sunlight. Ideally, your beauty products should be kept in a cool place all year round, but in summer that refreshing feeling when applying a cool product on our skin just feels so good! But…storing some products in your fridge can sometimes cause them to change in texture, so check our recommendations below. And always check the use-by date (keeping products in the fridge will not prolong their expiration date!)

Here are a few ‘cool’ tips on essential beauty items:


Face Mist/Toner: Keeping this product in your fridge will help to reduce the size of your pores by tightening them. It will also help soothe skin and minimise redness.

Eye Cream: Keeping your eye cream cold will help de-puff the eye area by increasing the circulation. It’s the perfect way to fake 8 hours of pure sleep!

Eye Pencil: Putting your eye pencil in the fridge at least 10 minutes before sharpening will help harden the liner and make the pencil easier to sharpen, resulting in a more precise application.

Nail Polish: When not stored correctly, nail polish can separate easily and become clumpy. For an even finish, make sure you take your nail polish out of the fridge an hour before using.

Perfume: Usually one of your most expensive beauty items, perfume is delicate and keeping it in the fridge avoids the breakdown of the scent from light and temperature and prolongs its life.

Enjoy the sunshine x

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