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We’ve been following Amy Minervini brows for a while now as we cant get enough of those perfect, refined arches. Based both out of Adelaide and Melbourne, Amy specialises in feather touch brows along with brow corrections. We just knew this gal was the go to brow queen to get the low down on those face framing arches. With her artistic eye and passion for her profession we have no doubt Amy will be opening brow studios across Australia and teaching people her methods and techniques real soon.

The beautiful Amy Minervini

Q. You are the go to brow queen of instagram. How did you get into the brow game?

A. Aww Thank you 🙂 I actually kind of fell into it. I was a part owner of a Medi spa in Norwood, SA and at the time eyebrow feathering was just becoming popular in Adelaide. We wanted to implement this service into our business and actually had one of our staff members learn the technique. Unfortunately, she left us after a few months to start her own business so I took the course and became obsessed with slaying brows and I have never stopped doing them.

Q. Brow trend – What’s hot this year?

A. Honestly, I believe that different brows suit different faces and face shapes. But definitely more full brows.

Q. How does ones face shape how our brows should look?

A. One shape doesn’t fit all. We all have different face shapes. It is very important to have your brows shaped correctly to your face as the shape, fullness and symmetry of the brows all work together to highlight the eyes and frame the face.

Q. To wax or not to wax?

A. Waxing or threading. But you just need to do your research for the right beauty therapist to shape those babies.

Q. How often should we get our brows professionally attended to?

A. It is different for everyone and their hair growth. But usually every 4-6 weeks for a tidy up. Feathering is 6-12 month touch ups.

Q. What tools and products are essential to creating the perfect brow?

A. A good brow powder, I love Anastasia Beverley hills brow duo kit with an angled brush. If your hairs grow downwards a clear gel brow wand to brush them upwards.

Q. Biggest mistake gals make when caring for their brows?

A. Overplucking. This is something I see ALL the time.

 Q. Beauty routine before bed?

A. I make sure I wash my face with good quality cleanser. Toner, eye cream and a hydrating moisturiser.

Q. Tips to achieve the perfect natural makeup look?

A. Its all in your skin care. I don’t really like to wear too much makeup so if I look after my skin and keep it looking nice and clear I can just wear a bb cream with a light bronzer for a bit of a contour.

Q. Best beauty advice for traveling?

A. Try to drink lots of water, avoid wearing too much makeup that will clog your skin. Bring a good hydrating moisturiser as your skin will be dehydrated from travelling.


Your handbag is never without: Lip balm

Go to MUSQ product: I am obsessed with the toner. I love the way it feels on my skin and leaves it feeling fresh and hydrated.

Signature scent: Flowerbomb

Makeup philosophy:  Less is more

Makeup bag essentials: BB cream, bronzer, lip liner

Before and After

For Adelaide and Melbourne beauties wanting Amy Minervini brows veiw her website here to get in touch or view her instagram here.

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