What is a bronzer?

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Your bronzer is the perfect product to create a sun kissed glow without the sun exposure. A bronzer is different to a blush as its primary role is to give the appearance of tanned skinned and can be used all over the face in areas where the sun would naturally hit. It can also be used on the body for the same reasons. A blush on the other hand is used to highlight the cheekbones giving them a healthy, rosy colour.

Your bronzer will become your best friend when needing to create the appearance of a healthy tan throughout the year and to give you that I just got back from vacay kind of look. Because the MUSQ beauty is about flawless skin now and in the future.

How to use your bronzer: Using an angled brush, dab into the loose powder, suck in those cheeks and apply to the centre of your cheekbones. Move the brush lightly in a circular motion, focusing on the apple of the cheek. Gradually draw upwards towards the hairline, keeping most of the product on the highest part of the cheekbone.

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