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When it comes to customer service, we are all about a hands on approach. At MUSQ HQ, no question goes unanswered. After all, we know that beauty and skincare can be overwhelming. With so many products, ingredients and even colour options to consider, how does one make the right choice?

We believe that when it comes to skincare and beauty, there is no ‘one fits all criteria’. All the little imperfections and differences that make us wildly unique and beautiful require a tailored approach. This means asking questions and doing your research before you purchase and use a product to ensure you get the very best out of your beauty routine. We encourage… no we demand you do.

To cream or gel, to moisturise in the morning or at night, to exfoliate or not to exfoliate sensitive skin? No question is wasted, because committing to a year round beauty regime starts with educating yourself on the products you are using.

Perhaps you have just received a new product and a particular ingredient has caught your attention, or perhaps you are not sure what cleanser to use during the cooler months or when to mix up you beauty routine.

Whatever your question may be we encourage you to email us and ask. Because at MUSQ HQ, the service doesn’t stop at the click of a button and every customer or visitor to the website is a breath of fresh air. A new opportunity for a skincare approach that is clean, kind and simple…

So go on, come say hi, we are waiting to chat.


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