Is it bad to wear make up to a gym session?

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Wearing makeup to the gym is a big no-no here at MUSQ. During a work out your body warms up and you sweat creating your pores to open. If the skin has a barrier of makeup, those pores cannot allow the skin to breathe properly. This results in a build of up oil, dirt etc. to sit on the skin, resulting in clogged pores, leading to a breakout, ie. Blackheads.

Make sure your skin is makeup free and clean before working out. Also, keep a clean towel on hand to pat the skin of excess sweat during working out. To avoid inflammation, we suggest applying antioxidants to the skin such as spritzing our Antioxidant Toner before and after a workout.

Once you have finished your workout splash the face with cold water and pat dry with a clean towel. As soon as you get home to clean your face with a good cleanser then toner and moisturiser. If you can do this at the gym even better! If you have had a super sweaty workout, you may want to exfoliate your face. Make sure not to over exfoliate, however (we suggest once-twice a week).

Although we recommend wearing no makeup to the gym to let that skin breath! If you can’t budge from wearing makeup to the gym apply something lightweight such as a tinted moisturiser or powder foundation.

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